The female form is a hotly debated topic; it is constantly under scrutiny. Its naked state is the site of much political debate/contestation, particularly in reference to a woman's choice on the question: to remove or grow body hair?

These self-portraits are a performance in contorting, balancing and/or leaping the body into poses, in order to attempt to conceal this area.
23rd March 2014
7th February 2014 II
27th July 2014
3rd March 2014
25th April 2014
13th August 2014
7th February 2014
28th September 2014
24th June 2014
2nd July 2014
22nd February 2014
22nd June 2014
21st May 2014
16th September 2014
23rd June 2014
12th May 2014
12th May 2014 III
24th June 2014 II
27th May 2014
12th May 2014 II
27th May 2014 II
23rd March 2014 II
22nd June 2014 II
11th August 2014